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November 15, 2019
Hey good friends! I hope this finds you
all well and happy!

(Photo: Mike Kuhl)


      There's not much to report this newsletter -- November has always been a slow time of year -- unpredictable weather, everyone preparing for the Holidays, and the approaching new year. I'll be very brief .............

    As many of you know, for many years I have been spending Thankgiving with my wife, Lisa, visiting my dear sister, Deb, in Wisconsin. It has been the only planned time off I indulge myself all year, and was looking forward to again this year, however things change.     I am having a minor surgical procedure that I've been putting off for years. The doctors have informed me that air travel is out of the question with this type of surgery -- the change in altitude and pressure could cause trouble, so I'll be staying in town, but unable to perform for a bit. Because of the doctors' schedule, and Thanksgiving landing so late in the month, I have been forced to take more days off than I originally planned. Check the calendar for dates and times.     Again, there's no cause for worry or concern. This is a simple procedure. I'll be just DANDY!

    Upon my return to duty, Wednesday, Dec. 4th, I am scheduled at the Rock Rest, however they have a college party booked for that night. So I will be starting at 5pm instead of 6, and will end at 8pm instead of 9. Wanted y'all to know.

    On a very happy note ........... on Tuesday, December 3rd, TOMMY BOLIN will be inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame. The ceremony will be held at the MISSION BALLROOM with performances by OTIS TAYLOR (also an inductee), FREDDI GOWDY (from Freddi/Henchi -- also an inductee) and many more, all being backed up by the incredible CHRIS DANIELS and  the KINGS. There will also be appearances by WARREN HAYNES and JOE BONAMASSA. Tickets are still available, so get 'em fast!


   As always, thank you for your continued support. You are the BEST!
   ................ and have a very safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Dave "Greywolf" Frisk

Photo: Vicki Mullen