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March 22, 2018
(Photo: Mike Kuhl)

Hey good friends! I hope this finds you all well and happy!

There have been many things going on the last 6 months or so -- many projects in the works; many changes in venues, band members, dates, etc...... quite simply I've had nothing solid that I would consider "newsworthy" to report. Thus the long period between  newsletters.

However....... that has now changed.


Let's get started --- As it happens every year, I have been pre-empted at the SHACK for Saturday, March 24th. I will not be there -- it's MARCH MADNESS! I will return on Saturday, April 7th however. Hope to see you then!


    Thanks to all for the many years of support at the ROCK REST LODGE in Golden Colo. It's not often I miss a Wednesday night of playing there -- usually it's because of bad weather or a private party that booked their own entertainment; however, this once, it is my call. My good friend Lloyd procured some tickets to see BUDDY GUY perform at the PARAMOUNT March 28th, and I couldn't say "no". Just wanted to give y'all a "heads up".


    Thanks to all at the SIT-N-BULL in Indian Hills for everything. As the weather gets nicer you'll see me up there more often -- sometimes it's short notice, but Owner PAUL and I have some "scheduled" dates lined up. (oh yeah, one of them is MOTHERS' DAY!) I'll see all you "Mothers" there! Always a good time!


     SO ..... good news travels "fast as lightnin"! DIRTY DOGS (formerly SUSIE'S) in Golden Colo. is quite the "happenin' place"! I cannot tell you how proud I am to be included in the festivities! Every Thursday night from 6 to 10 pm I perform there, and, now that the season is upon us, many performances will be out on the brand new patio! (My God, it's HUGE!) (I never heard that before......) They have invited me to bring the "ELECTRIC BAND" down from time to time, and added some weekend dates as well. The "Band" consists of SAM RAY on bass guitar and vocals, and our old buddy BRUCE CRISMAN on drums and vocals. I'm very fortunate to be able to share the stage with these gentlemen -- they flat out ROCK! I can't wait!!!! And keep an eye out for all the other great acts they have coming in there -- good friends BRYAN HORBUCKLE, and PETE  FLETCHER are in the mix as well as the SLYDERS, BAG LADY SUE, KICKED TO THE CURB, (right on Pat and Roger!!!) ..... always something happening!!! You will never be disappointed!


    A shout out and "Thank You" to good friend PAUL LECHNER for recommending me to the fine folks at the BLUE SPRUCE BREWING COMPANY. I had the honor of performing there on Friday, March 9th as a substitute when the scheduled act took ill. (Call for the understudy!!!) and have been invited back. Dates yet to be determined, but I'll post as soon as I get them. And, by the way, check out Paul's new website. And go see him -- you will NOT be disappointed.


    And, (just in case I'm tardy with the next newsletter) looking forward to performing for the ANNUAL LITTLETON BLOCK PARTY on Saturday, June 9th from 6 to 11pm. Sam Ray and Bruce Crisman will be joining me onstage -- as with most of these Downtown Littleton Merchants Association events, we will be doing acoustic and electric mix. Sometimes solo, sometimes with band -- you know how this works. It's always a good time, and always a grand adventure!


   One more item of note --- In my own humble (and maybe feeble) way, I have been lobbying in an attempt to get TOMMY BOLIN inducted into the COLORADO MUSIC HALL OF FAME this year. Not that I am important enough or have clout in any way, but I know people who do. Personally, I believe it's been a long time coming. I'm uncertain if it will come to pass, but there are signs that it might. On Friday, March 30th, our good friend (and Tommy's brother) JOHNNIE BOLIN is bringing his band TOMMY BOLIN'S DREAMERS to the BOULDER THEATER. (doors open at 7:00). Tommy's music performed by those who lived it -- guests include BOBBY BERGE, JEFF COOK, STANLEY SHELDON, LUCAS PARKER, TAYLOR BABB, MAX CARL, ZAK PISCHNOTTE,  not to mention our good friends CHRIS DANIELS AND THE KINGS. I'm hoping this is a prelude to induction. I also want to personally thank Chris

Daniels and G. Brown for being so gracious to me and sharing their time and expertise. And, mostly, for not thinking I was just another WHACK! God bless you guys! It's no wonder y'all are my heroes!


    It's back!!! The LADIES ONLY SAMPLE TOUR will be held (as every year) on the first Thursday of May (the 3rd, this year). If you have never heard of this event, here's the scoop -- ladies only remember -- you start at the Reinke Brothers' store in Historic Downtown Littleton. There you will receive a rose ('cos you deserve it), a tiara ('cos you're a princess), a drink of your choice ('cos ya want it!), and a goodie bag ('cos you'll need it). Then you'll be escorted to your next destination by a bona-fide Chippendale Man. (You won't be disappointed). The tour will take you all throughout downtown Littleton, stopping at all participating merchants along the way, where you'll be showered with samples of candies, perfumes, foods, .... ya know .... STUFF! All to fill your goodie bag. You won't want to miss it.


Well, that's about it for now.



       As always, thank you for your continued support --- you are the best!

Dave "Greywolf" Frisk

 Photo: Vicki Mullen