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June 13, 2020
Hey good friends! I hope this finds you
all well and happy!

(Photo: Mike Kuhl)


                    Well ..... now then ........... here's the latest ..........


       Here's some truth ......... I have not been slack during my quarantine period. The good news is I have

   (finally) had time to lay the hardwood floor in my kitchen, finish up some kitchen cabinetry, paint some

   walls, purge and organize my tools (that's not lasting very long), clear out some musical gear I don't or

   haven't used for years, sell some, give some away, repair all, and get my very outdated basement studio

   set back up to get some recording done. Also good news, I've not been out much, so I didn't spend any

   money! That helped keep us alive!


       The bad news ............ I've eaten more in the last 3 months than I have in the last year, and put on 20

   more pounds. I needed to TAKE OFF 20 lbs. Now I gotta drop 40. I'll "git 'er dun!"


      Our favorite haunts are slowly re-opening their doors. While not yet allowed to operate at full capacity,

   they are operating within Federal Guidelines, assuring the safety of all patrons. I have been more than

   worried that I'd have to change livelihoods, but we made it through relatively unscathed, and, thanks to

   the hard work and determination of the great folks at DIRTY DOGS, the ROCK REST, the SHACK, the

   GRANDE STATION, the SIT N BULL, they've been able to sustain. My schedule is filling up fast! 2 days

   ago my calander had no bookings. Since then, I've booked up most of June, and it doesn't show signs of

   slowing down.


              First, some accolades ..............


      Much applause to DIRTY DOGS in Golden Colo. for all the fine work in taking care of first responders,

   the entire biker community, neighbors and friends with the #2wheels4meals program --- feeding the staff


   UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL in Aurora. Y'all have been a beacon of hope throughout this whole cluster###.

       They also set up a small limited market inside -- you could buy canned goods, potatoes, bottled water,

    did I mention toilet paper? -- ya know -- stuff ya didn't remember last time ya went to the store.

       DD's has made some schedule changes, however, with the new operating restrictions. I am no longer

   performing solo on Thursday nights. I will still be there from time to time, as their calendar allows. Thursdays

  are "Bike Nights" and they wanted to mix it up a little this year with some different acts. There will be more

  electric band performances (already have the first date booked -- Thursday, June 11th, 5-9pm on the outside

  stage.) We'll keep you posted on further bookings.


      The good folks at the ROCK REST have not been slack during their down time -- although not yet open,

   when we finally do return, you will be delighted in what they've done with the place. I've ridden by there a

   few times (on the days that I was "essential") and they were re-vamping the entire patio. I was told that

   there was more work going on inside, but I wasn't allowed inside -- I'm not THAT essential. Can't wait to see.


       I will be returning to the SIT 'N' BULL Sunday, June 14th -- yep, that's FLAG DAY!! (and my sister's birthday).

   The set up will be a little different -- outside seating with all the regular restrictions. Hope the weather's great --

    such a great riding stop!


       The GRANDE STATION in Historic Downtown Littleton is open and serving! They have asked me to pick up

   many dates there, and I'm happy to! They are under the same restrictions as everyone, but the Littleton

   Chamber has OKd the use of the sidewalk areas to be open to seating. Sounds good to me.


       The SHACK has been open, serving "to go" meals for most of the quarantine, and are now open to sit down

   service, but, due to the occupancy restrictions, have canceled all performances until further notice. I have

   no doubt that they'll be back strong as ever in a very short time. Can't wait to get back.


      For now, that's all I have. More will be added as it comes in, and it's coming in fast!

                     As always, thank you for your continued support. You are the BEST!


Dave "Greywolf" Frisk

Photo: Vicki Mullen