Welcome Good Friends!


























September 18, 2018
(Photo: Mike Kuhl)

Hey good friends!


I hope this finds you all well and happy!


     What a wonderful summer! Many thanks to all who made it happen. Let's get started ....


      Thanks to Janet, Dave, Vickie, and all the "Buffalo Bill Days" staff for inviting us to be a part of the line up of entertainment of the event. It was an honor to be asked, an honor to  perform, and more than an honor to open for the "RAGIN' CAJUN" himself -- the legendary DOUG KERSHAW. He still rocks! I had a brief opportunity to converse with him during the stage transition, and, I have to tell you, he was still as gracious and kind to me as he was when I first met him 40 years ago. You don't see that very often in this industry. He has paid more than his share of dues, been through more heartache than I could have ever beared, paved the road for an entire genre -- damn near writing the book on Cajun Music --  bringing it into the hearts and souls of Americana -- in my opinion a true American Icon -- and yet he remains remarkably human. I've been a fan for 45 years. Still am .......       .......... And I won't leave out my appreciation for the amazing audience! To share the stage with band mates Sam Ray on bass, and Bruce Crisman on drums is always a privilege. To have an audience respond with so much positive energy and delight... .... well, would that every performance be as fulfilling. God bless ya, and many thanks!         Thanks to Mark and Rob at DIRTY DOGS for inviting me to play at the DIRTY DOGS  STURGIS location during bike week. I arrived in Deadwood (that's where we usually stay for bike week -- many thanks to Gary and Shelly for putting me up!) ... at 2:45 pm. Had  time for a shower and was onstage in Sturgis at 4:00 pm. What a great trip! I had the good fortune to share the stage with the amazing TONY ROSARIO. We would split the day up -- I'd play, then he'd play, then I would, then he would, ... Never an empty stage. Then, later in the week, we were joined by the BAR NOTHING BAND. Rockin' all week long! Who could ask for more?
     And I can't say enough about the staff -- the hardest working folks in showbiz! My main man and always busy Bart, my sweet Angel (goddess of the bar), the chef du  cuisine master Mike, and of course the King and Queen Mark and Carrie -- they are indeed  the best! Hope to do it again next year! 

      Thanks to the REINKE BROS. for inviting us to play at the TURKEY LEG AND WINE  HOEDOWN. Again, a great time was had by all. We were the opening act for the HILLBILLY HELLCATS -- lots of fun! Check 'em out.


And thanks to the aforementioned for inviting us back to the WESTERN WELCOME  WEEK festival. We were postponed for a few minutes -- just as we took the stage at 12 noon, the rains came down. Hard. 20 minutes. We started 25 minutes late. The rain scared  a lot of folks away, but the real fans stuck around, and we had some fun!


     And while we're there .....Thanks to Greg and Chris Reinke for inviting us again this  year to be included in the REINKE BROS. HAUNTED MANSION line up. As you probably  know, they have been under a massive re-construction, and although the shop has been  open, the Haunted Mansion has been down for 3 years. At long last, they are re-opening. Friday, Sept. 28th and Saturday, Sept. 29th are the set dates for the Grand Opening!!!!  And GRAND is the word! There will be 2 stages set up in the parking lot outside the shop with different bands performing their sets. We are the Reinke's "house band" -- we have our own stage, and will perform while the other acts go through the set changes on the  second stage. As a result, there will be no break in the entertainment. These 2 dates we  will play the "electric set". Friday's entertainment goes from 6:00pm to about 10:30pm, and includes us, That Damn Sasquatch, and Woodshed Red. Saturday's stages open at 1:00am  and go to 11:00pm and includes us, Thunder and Rain, Brothers of Brass, Banshee Tree,  Part and Parcel, and That Damn Sasquatch. This promises to be an amazing time, and the  perfect prelude to the Halloween Season. You won't want to miss it!

     Then the following weeks through the season, we will be back to our usual setup inside the shop where we will play the smaller set -- much more intimate, and VERY improvised. Our performance hours are 7 to 11pm. Ya never know what will happen at the  REINKE BROTHERS' SHOPPE. It's not just a store ..... it's an adventure!

      For all your costume, make-up, magic tricks, and accessories needs -- or if you are  just in need of inspiration or ideas for your own Halloween Soiree -- this is the place to be. The staff is well versed, experienced, knowledgable, gifted, artistic, and most creative. You will never be disappointed. I give you my word on that!

      So, with that in mind, my regular schedule at the SHACK will be disrupted through October. I will not be there on the 6th or the 20th, but will return November 3rd.  

       And, if I don't have time to post it beforehand, I will be visiting family in Wisconsin for the Thanksgiving Holiday. My bride, Lisa, and I have been going there every year for the past few. So I will miss playing the Rock Rest on Nov. 21st, and Dirty Dogs on Nov. 22nd.


         As always, thank you for your continued support --- you are the best!

Dave "Greywolf" Frisk

 Photo: Vicki Mullen