Robert Mirabal and photos from the Taos Pueblo, taken in December and provided courtesy of good friend Jack Hill

In December, Dave played at a benefit for the Taos Pueblo, organized in Golden by good friend Jack Hill (2nd row, left).  Also featured at the benefit was the music of Robert Mirabal (left) one of the most recognizable figures in Native American Music.  

Robert is from Taos Pueblo and founded The Middle Road Foundation in 1998, a nonprofit program that serves the needs of Taos Pueblo children and their families in a variety of ways.

Robert will perform every day this weekend at the Annual Indian Market Festival at the Denver Merchandise Mart, January 23-25.  From the Indian market website:  "Robert Mirabal is a renowned performer/recording artist and is considered to be the most recognizable figure in Native American music. Among his many honors are his two time Native American Music Awards "Artist of the Year", three time "Songwriter of the year", and the most prestigious, the Grammy Award. Robert brings his thrilling performance act to our stage for the first time and it promises to be a truly magical musical experience!"